Tips to Fully Experience Fine Chocolate

Posted by on September 11, 2014

fine flavored cacao

Taste is always the first way to determine if this is the right chocolate for your palette, but here are some helpful tips for experiencing dark chocolate.

  • Look at the chocolate for color and shine.
  • Break the chocolate and assess the "snap".
  • Smell the chocolate to detect fine flavor nuances.
  • Place the chocolate in your mouth and allow it to melt slightly. Give it a light chew.
  • Taste the chocolate. Observe the flavors that envelope your tongue.
  • Feel the texture. Does the chocolate feel coarse or smooth?
  • Experience the aftertaste. Do the flavors dissipate quickly or linger on the tongue?
  • Taste, savor and enjoy the experience!

Below are some over our fine chocolate bars, have you had one? Which one do you like and which do you savor the flavor for hours? Each bar has a very distinct flavor pairing to combine with the smooth texture and delightful nuances of the pure cacao bar.