Farm To Bar Chocolate Makers

Millcreek Cacao Roasters began with the simple belief that working directly with farmers could result in better chocolate. This idea started us on the path we call “Farm to Bar” – we go directly to the growers in Ecuador and Nicaragua to establish a direct trade partnership. As a result, we can deliver chocolate that has a real sense of purpose.  Cacao is the foundation and because of this we pay homage to our farmers’ hard work and dedication to growing of fine flavor cacao.

This hands-on approach has many advantages over the standard industry practice of Bean to Bar. Instead of simply choosing which country to source from, we select individual growers. This gives us a superior product while letting Millcreek Cacao Roasters make a positive difference in local economies.  Our direct relationship allows us to study growing, fermentation, and labor practices based on social economical, and environmental sustainability.  We believe the knowledge we gain from the full circle process of “Farm to Bar” honors the integrity, taste, and quality of our chocolate.  Being choosey lets us deliver the very best chocolate to our valued customers.