1. Farm to Bar Chocolate Makers

    Directly Sourcing From Ecuador and Nicaragua

  2. The Artisans

    Mark DelVecchio and Dana Brewster

  3. Arriba Nacional and Chuno Cacao

    From the Hacienda Limon Farm, Ecuador and El Cuá-Bocay, Nicaragua

    Certified Heirloom
  4. Direct Trade Relationship

    An integral part of our mission

  5. Sustainable Growing Practices

    Environmental, Social, and Economical

Farm To Bar Chocolate Makers

Millcreek Cacao Roasters is a team passionate about farm to bar chocolate. We have partnered with leading growers in Ecuador and Nicaragua to bring premium beans to the art of making exquisite chocolate. The result is some of the finest chocolate available today, all created by skillful artisans. We offer chocolate bars, chocolate in bulk, roasted cacao nibs, hot cocoa, cacao tea, chocolate covered espresso beans, and more.

Chocolate for a Sustainable Future

We exclusively use heirloom certified cacao, certified by the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Initiative. The goal of the HCP is to preserve, protect and propagate fine flavor cacao. By partnering with cacao growers, we support sustainable agriculture as well as the development of a better product. The result is rich, delicious chocolate that comes from a source you can feel good about. Unwrap, taste, and enjoy the experience of exquisite chocolate today.

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