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Chocolate and Cheese Pairing: Millcreek Cacao Roasters 45% Milk Chocolate and Parrano Gouda from Uniekass

Posted by on 30th Apr 2018

Let's try some milk chocolate! Using the heirloom Arriba Nacional from Ecuador and combining it with protein rich milk powder from Wisconsin, we have created a darker milk chocolate capable of swaying any dark chocolate fan to try. Nougat and honey are notes that prevail in our buttery-smooth milk chocolate. As the milk chocolate melts in your mouth, it bathes the roasted and salted almonds with pure joy of marshmallow and nougat flavors. The deep honey flavors of our milk chocolate create an exceptional pairing with a young Dutch Gouda with an Italian temperament! Parrano is an unforgettable cheese incorporating the nutty, sweet, buttery flavors and fine aged taste of a Parmesan with the smooth creamy texture of a Gouda. 

Dutch cheese maker, UnieKass has taken best qualities of Gouda and Parmesan! Millcreek Cacao Roasters and Certified Cheese Professional, Carleen Mummaw, at 7th Street Harmons have taken it a step further. Chocolate and Almonds laid a cross a thin slice of the Parrano Gouda and you will not be disappointed.

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