Chuno Pure 78% Dark Cacao Bar - Heirloom Certified

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Jasmine and fig nuances with a sparkle of citrus, this velvety smooth bar should be savored slowly.

This bar gets its complex flavor from cacao grown in the deeply lush and fertile northern mountains of Nicaragua.

Net Wt. 50 grams | Vegan and gluten free | Responsibly grown & direct trade

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  1. Chocolate Tasting Success! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Feb 2017

    After the Ecuador bars, this bar was surprisingly light and mellow, with far more "high" and "airy" notes. However, the rich texture contributed a fantastic base to build these soaring fantasy castles upon.
    Here are my notes from my tasting, following my standard format:
    Appearance- Very prominent striations of various shades from light to medium brown make the bottom visually intriguing. This bar, despite its higher percentage (78%) than the Ecuador (70%), is MUCH lighter in color, most likely since Arriba is one of the darker Forasteros (which have purple beans before fermentation) and Chuno is a Trinitario (hybrid of Criollo and Forastero, so the unfermented beans aren't Criollo white but rather a pleasant shade of lavender).
    Snap- Loud pop.
    Texture- A couple of bubbles. Very jagged break for me, and a medium rough looking grain.
    Aroma- Custard, uncooked rice, and jasmine are reminiscent of horchata. Meanwhile, a candied citron Crème Anglais leaves the kitchen nearby... oh wait, that's still the chocolate!
    Melt- Thick and buttery, a very smooth melt is likely helped along by the higher cacao percentage! Again, somehow pliable but not brittle.
    Flavor- Jasmine and toast? Apparently they're a good combo! The citron reappears here, followed by the tartness of buttermilk balanced out by the sweetness of cantaloupe (but not the tasteless bland kind you get in fruit trays, genuinely ripe and fresh like you might find at a farmers market!) Then, vanilla and saffron suggest that after dessert... Speaking of desserts, nectarine, butter, and honey were more or less the ingredients of one of my favorite desserts I've ever had, a roasted nectarine with frangipane, which this chocolate emulates quite well near the end of the melt.
    Finish- Citron, vanilla, honey, buttermilk, and cantaloupe continue to be a good combo.