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100% Arriba National Chocolate 1 pound*


100% Arriba National Chocolate

One pound of our untempered 100% Arriba National Chocolate.



In our quest for responsibly grown cacao, we've explored equatorial regions, studying and scrutinizing the growing practices of farmers. Our commitment lies in direct sourcing, sustainable growing methods, and ensuring the traceability of our cacao, all integral to our mission.

Our chocolate bar is meticulously crafted from Arriba Nacional cacao, harvested in the vibrant and lush Guayas Province of Ecuador. This biodiverse region, renowned for its tranquility and breathtaking natural beauty, significantly contributes to the chocolate's bold and balanced profile. The exceptionally aromatic cacao introduces delightful fruity nuances and seductive caramel notes, creating an indulgent experience that elevates the senses.

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