Arriba Espresso 70% Dark Cacao Bar - Heirloom Certified

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Locally roasted espresso beans are a bold and robust wake up call for the spirit.

A carefully selected blend of locally roasted beans by our sister company, Millcreek Coffee Roasters, this dark chocolate bar creates an exciting convergence of two bold ingredients.

Net Wt. 50 grams | Vegan and gluten free | Responsibly grown & direct trade

Reviews (2)

Best coffee flavored chocolate!

Written by David M. Syler on 28th Jul 2020

It really is the best coffee flavored chocolate I have ever had. If you like coffee and good chocolate, you can't go wrong here.

Chocolate Tasting Success!

Written by Nicholas Terry on 5th Feb 2017

On a side note, Arriba is my mother's favorite origin! Here are my notes from the chocolate tasting I held using Millcreek's bars, following my usual format: Appearance- Coffee grounds obscure the details I normally look for on the bottom (reflectivity, patterns, etc.) and may cause some pitting. The top is just as glossy as the others, so I'll assume there's similar quality here! Snap- Clear click. Texture- Slightly jagged break, the grain appears moderately rough (which may give extra body to the chocolate compared to a smaller particle size). Aroma- Salty-bitter espresso obscures most notes other than oak and kola, but what can be discerned of the chocolate is typical of Arriba cacao. Smells like a mocha, but with better chocolate and better coffee than most places have! Melt- Very smooth (though perhaps this is just in contrast to the coffee grounds, it certainly provides a very nice balance of textures even if it is merely moderately smooth). Bends very easily, and yet still has a solid core when bitten. Very nice! Flavor- COFFEE!!!! Seriously, this note hits right at the beginning and hits hard, though it is quickly followed by the expected cherry, tobacco again, and nutmeg. This continues to demonstrate new facets to the Ecuador bar and is a pleasure worth savoring! Flavorings- coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee.... Nice roasty salty strong dark well-balanced espresso! Finish- Mocha with a cherry on top in a room where a pipe smoker occasionally sips an afternoon beverage of some sort. Brown sugar comes on surprisingly strong once the coffee grounds are gone, balancing the remaining espresso flavor very well. Everyone at my tasting and everyone who I shared this chocolate with were very favorably impressed by the whole selection. Keep up the good work!

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