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Lear how Farm to Bar chocolate happens in an intimate setting. You will be introduced to the the process and theory of fine chocolate making with the chocolate makers as they tell the story of exploration, passion and creativity that drives them to sustainible chcocole from Farm to Bar. Each step of the heirloom cacao's journey will be explained then tasted. Feel the transformation on your tounge from roasted bean to chocolate liquor, fully conched chocolate to tempered bar. Compare to different varietals of heirloom beans and understand how they transform to into award winning tempered bars

Finally enjoy a tasting comarisson of our choclate and experience why pairing chocolate with taste, texture and aroma can enhance your experience of chcocolate. 

Each chocolate lover will recieve a complimentary bar of their choice and the opportunity to purchase all of our cacao products. 

Please wear closed toed shoes. Hairnets will be provided.

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